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There is a BBQ party at Bieul Apartments at 12pm on wednesday i.e; 20th August.             RIGSA's first campus tour is scheduled to be on 15th of August.We will take you through all required procedures like check in, opening bank account, taking a mobile etc.

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RIGSA Cricket Tournament 2012 is here !

Its not just a game , its not just passion - its both the riddle and the answer , its religion !

Yes folks, it's cricket time in Rutgers. At a time when the 'God of Cricket' has just notched up a ton of tons and the ever dependable 'Wall' has just bid adieu to this great game, RIGSA (Rutgers Indian Graduate Student Association) salutes these masters by organizing a Cricket Tournament right here , on our very own grounds, a first of its kind !
Guys, as we approach the end of this semester, lets take a day off from our frenetic schedule. Lets gear up , form teams , get our kits out and enjoy a Sunday full of fun , frolic and Cricket !

Postponed ! (Shall be updated shortly!)

This event is brought to you by RIGSA in association with Edison Cricket Club and New Jersey Soft Ball League

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July 16, 2011 : FOR THE INCOMING FALL 2011 BATCH : A blog is up and running in the Newbies section in one of the links in the page at the bottom called "Random things you guys should know about!! (Blog by Afaque)". This page has all the random pieces of information that are answers to all the questions that might crop up in your head. This blog will be continuously updated as an when we recieve questions from anyone from the incoming fall 2011 batch.


July 10, 2011 : FOR THE INCOMING FALL 2011 BATCH : The yahoo group RutgersFall2011 is up. Make sure all of you join this group as all queries will be addressed over here. The link to the groups is


July 10, 2011 : FOR THE INCOMING FALL 2011 BATCH : This website has been recently revamped and you will find every information you need. The Newbies section has a load of documents and information that has been specially put together to help you guys get to know Rutgers better and to help you with your Visa procedures, packing, information on various departments, research work etc. Some of the links might not be working as we are constantly modifying the information. But make sure to check back in order to access more pages. Thank you for your patience.
If you dont find what you are looking for, feel free to contact any of the committee members [Contact Us page] or email us at


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Glimpses of RIGSA Holi 2010 celebration in association with New Brunswick Free Public Library.

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Rigsa has a host of exciting cultural and social events planned for fall 2014. For a description of the events and pictures from last year's events, browse through the archives. Stay tuned for details!

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