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Hey all you new guys!! this is for you!!

Welcome to
RUTGERS, The State University of New Jersey !!
:) :)

The aweeeeesomest place ever!! you ll soon see why :D

Ok so we know that you guys are freakin eager to know all about this place, you are going to spend the next two years or more of your life here! And for the first time in your life, you are 8000miles away from home!! oops! did that freak you out? Well relax!! Cause you are never away from home here at Rutgers! Its time for you to join your new family, the RIGSA family!! :)

The whole point of Rutgers Indian Graduate Students Association is to make sure that everyone of us finds a home away from home over here. And we are very good at it!

Ok before we rattle on about how amazing this place is and how much fun we guys have over here (which is a LOT), let us first tell you everything you need to know before you get here. On this page you will find information regarding all the important preps required from your side before you get over here. And this includes Visa procedures, filling out different forms, what to pack (quite literally! we are not kiddin!), what to expect when you get here, what you are going to do as soon as you get here etc etc etc.

Below are different topics of interest, each link will lead you to the necessary information:

The information is in the form of files that have been compiled over the years from a lot of different sources. Some of them are from different universities all together but some procedures like the whole VISA thing is pretty much the same for every university. If you find some info confusing or not convincing you can always email us and we will respond to your queries. Also the rutgersfall2010 yahoo group serves the same purpose!

Whats New!!!

Rigsa has a host of exciting cultural and social events planned for fall 09. For a description of the events and pictures from last year's events, browse through the archives. Stay tuned for details!

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