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Welcome to Random Things You Have To Know About section!!

This section is basically a collection of thoughts, experiences and information that has been collected over the period of time. We dint know what to do with so much info so untill now when we created this page and poured it in for you guys to read!! :) Am sure it will make a good read!

Ok wait, where is Rutgers??

Ok you guys should not be asking this question cause I am sure you would have done ample research on this before even considering applying. But anyways got to give you an idea!

Alright, now how do I get there?

Once you are done with Visa, you will be booking your fight tickets. So about that, there are two airports that you can potentially land at over here. JFK in New York City or EWR(Liberty International) in Newark, New Jersey. EWR, Newark is a lot closer to Rutgers than JFK. Hence we strongly urge you to book a ticket to EWR, Newark.

If you are opting for Pick Up by RIGSA, you WILL have to arrive at EWR as we DO NOT extend this courtesy to JFK. In any case I will explain the best possible way to reach Rutgers University, New Brunswick from both these airports.

From EWR, Newark to New Brunswick:

  • You can either take a cab or catch a train to New Brunswick from Newark. Newark is about 24 miles from New Brunswick.
  • If you have requested for a pickup you, all you have to do is show up at the terminal once you are done with customs and immigration. You will be picked up by RIGSA members at the airport.
  • If you want to arrive here by yourself, you can ask for a cab at the terminal to New Brunswick. It should cost you about $40 - $50.
  • If you want to take the train (Which is way better but can get taxing as you will have three heavy bags!), you need to take the Air train from the airport terminal to the Newark Airport Train Station
  • Wait for the train at the Newark Airport Train Station platform for a train going towards Trenton [Trenton is the capital of NJ]
  • When the train arrives, hop in!
  • Get off at New Brunswick train station. The station before New Brunswick is Edison and the train takes 3 mins from Edison to New Brunswick so you can start preparing to get off the train as soon as the train leaves Edison.

from JFK, New York to New Brunswick :

  • JFK is in Queens, New York. It is about 50 miles from New Brunswick plus its in New York and hence will take a LONG time to reach New Brunswick. That is why we do not extend pick up to this airport.
  • Nevertheless you can take a cab from JFK to New Brunswick. Ask for a cab at the terminal and it will probably cost you a little more than $100.
  • You can also take a train [Not Recommended], well to be fair i should say "trains". You need to take an Airtrain/Light Rail from JFK terminal to Jamica Train Station. Take a train going towards New York Penn Station (name of the service : Long Island Rail Road). Get off at the last stop which will be New York Penn Station.
  • Once you are here you need to take another train (name of the service : NJTransit) to Trenton [this line is called North East Coridor]. Before you board, make sure the train stops at New Brunswick.
  • Get off at New Brunswick.
  • The cost of the total journey by train from JFK is no less than $50 and it is a real pain in the ass. You will take a minimum of two hours to reach New Brunswick and you will have to change three trains with three heavy bags. And if this is your first visit to New York, you will DEFINITELY get lost in the Penn Station as its HUGE.
Hence even if you have to spend about $150 more for a ticket from India to EWR, Newark, its still worth it. So do it!

Hey tell me more about the flight!!

Before you board the flight from India, I would recommend you load up on reading material and/or movies on your portable media player! Its a long trip!! A direct flight will take about 16 to 18 hrs depending on your entry point in India and a one stop flight will take about 20 hrs including the stop over. If you are lucky you ll find interesting people on flight to talk to (which has never happened to me!!). Else you are at the mercy of the reading material and in-flight entertainment. Also depending on which flight you are taking, the in-flight entertainment might be awesome or suck totally! So its better you are prepared!

Ok one more suggestion. If your flight is landing in the US at around evening (which is mostly the case), then make sure you sleep in the flight for the initial few hours of the total journey and not later. This will help you get over your jet lag very effectively!

How do I request for Pick Up/ Temp Accommodation?!

A spreadsheet has been circulated for pick up and temp accommodation. Click here to access the spreadsheet. You will have to fill up the details over there. That is the ONLY way to request for pick up/temp acco. Alternatively you can also email RIGSA, but thats not recommended as we get a lot of emails and if by any chance your email gets deleted, you will not be assigned any pickup/temp acco. So make sure you enter your detials in the yahoo group. Once you have entered the details, your request will be processed and you will recieve an email from RIGSA letting you know about the PUTA assignement about one week before you have to leave India.

I am worried about finding roommates!! and an apartment!!

I know you will be very apprehensive about this! So this is what you do! Get to know your bachmates who are coming to Rutgers with you through the Orkut/Facebook communities. You can start discussing about various things and get to know them. This will give you an initial idea as to who you share common interests with and who you think you can get along easily. You can also meet up with them in India if they are from the same place you are from and hang out. If you think you are comfortable enough, congrats! you just found your roomates! If you think you want to wait a little more, you can come down here and then get to know them a little more and then commit to be roommates. You will have enough time once you are here to find your apartment as the seniors will provide you with a temporary ccommodation for a comfortable period of time.

You will however have to start looking for apartments as soon as you are here. So the earlier you arrive, the better. The best time to arrive here is mid august. Read a post by me (Afaque) on the rutgersfall2011 yahoo group on how to find an apartment. That has a lot of info.

What do I do if I have more questions??

You can either contact RIGSA through emails or one of the committee members (Contact Us page). But I would highly recommend you guys to post your queries on the yahoo group as others might have similar questions and so when we reply, it will be helpful to everyone.

Ok I will keep blogging here continuously about every question and thought I had before I came here. So that should cover a lot of your questions too as I had a lot of questions. Anyways good luck with everything!! :)


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